Annette R., East Sheen

I’ve been working out with Sara twice a week since January. I started out feeling very unfit and slightly nervous and she has really helped to build up my core strength and aerobic fitness. She is great at encouraging me to push myself a little bit more each week but not at the risk of injury or complete exhaustion!  She listens to how I feel as we go along and adjusts the routines accordingly.  I am really pleased with the progress I’ve made. She also worked with my teenage daughter when she was home from uni and my daughter loved her too!

Ryan, Richmond

Working with Sara has transformed my golf game. We work  on my core strength and I am much more flexible and stronger. I don't worry about back pain now.

Mimi, Richmond

I spent the first lockdown locked in the house. I lost confidence in my stability and I tripped twice.  I started working out with Sara in November and I am a new women. Not only am I more stabile, I am much stronger. I am at better shape at 80 than I was for the last few years. Sara is excelling at pushing me but not letting me go too far.

Stephanie, East Sheen

Having gained a lot of weight when having a baby and feeling a little fragile after giving birth, Sara has given me the confidence to exercise and push myself to get back to my pre-baby weight. She is understanding, kind and professional when we have our sessions together and is very mindful that I

exercise safely. I have already lost a stone and am almost halfway there. I would recommend Sara to everyone. Book now!